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Our platform is a way of studying for your career success and enhancement qualification without needing to attend classes on campus even though the campus option is available. We aimed at those who wish to study for a career advancement alongside work or other commitments.

Our platform also provides an opportunity for those who already have the skills but do not have the qualification certificate to prove their skills.
If you are skilled in any vocation or career but aren’t certified. Don’t worry Corec is there to help you get certified.

Enroll onto our Instructors Page if you are an Instructor or a Master of your act and want to create your own course or apprenticeship. We are there to provide certification to all your students and apprentices upon completion.

Have you learned or master a craft or course on your own by learning from books, online or from someone and now need a certificate to back your expertise. Take up our professional online exams and get certified.

Why Choose Us


We Are Accepted Worldwide

Our certificates are recognized and accepted worldwide as the best for employment and job promotion. Your completion of our exam and quizzes gives you the opportunity to earn a certificate or diploma respectively.

Our Courses

At Cambridge Online Resource Educational Center; we have varieties of courses to suit everyone. If you have a skill or can think of a course we will provide the certification.


Partners And Centers

We pride ourselves with centers and partners all over the world. Our doors are opened to a new partnership. If you run a vocational shop or train apprentice, employees or accept an internship, you can partner with us for your affiliation and certificate.


We are loyal to our students and partners as we deliver on time, we provide you with quality information and current knowledge on all courses studied. We deliver on what we say, therefore our partners trust us.



At Lincoln Career Development Institute we just don’t provide you with only theory, we link you up for a practical experience. Our center admits students into practical training. Join us now for our career enhancement training in hairdresser, mechanic, glass fabricator, tailoring among others vocational occupational experience you will never forget.

Courses Categories

Vocational Courses

Vocational courses are courses which include the study of handy work or craft that got to do with expertise. Under our vocational program, we have most handy works such as hairdresser, barbering, tailoring, welder, mechanic, tiler, mason, carpenter, etc…

Lifestyle Courses

Lifestyle courses give you the opportunity to enhance yourself in an interactive, fun and practical way. Our Lifestyle courses span many areas of learning, which will help you create and nurture a rewarding lifestyle…

Languages Courses

The ability to speak more than one language is a skill that not only makes you more employable, but opens the door to new cultures, new people, and new experiences. In some careers, being multilingual is a requirement, in others, it is what will set you apart from the competition…

Educational Course

Education is an umbrella term that encompasses a diverse range of subjects. this include school management and administration, early childhood, basic education, child psychology, preschool management, phonetics and English grammar teaching, among other…

Business Courses

In our business category, we have secretaryship, accountancy, business administration, entrepreneurship, banking and finance, business analysis, among others business related subjects…

Ict And Science

In today’s digital world, technology encompasses almost everything we do, both personally and professionally. Most people’s lives revolve around technology, so much so that we can’t imagine our lives before the digital age. become a computer expert now…


Customers Reviews

I got my dream job after completing the online training and passing the exams, i received my certificate and apply for a job, viola i got the job. i have been unemployed for 5 years and now by taking the online exams i landed myself a job with a good salary. thanks to Lincoln career institute.
Maddy Lois
“Having completed the Corec, Business Administration Studies, I have now gained a wider knowledge on how business should be operated. The Study was a bit challenging, but I stuck it out and was very successful in the end.”
Adam Odiakata
“Corec training made me a success as a Fashion Designer. It made a great impact on how I do things, I feel confident, my work improved and I have earned respect and recognition from my client.” I was born into a house of Fashion Designer and therefore had mastered all the got to do with fashion but didn't have a certificate. corec help me get certified
Adams Smith
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